Captain’s Table

It was at breakfast this morning that I received an invitation to dinner at the Captain’s Table tonight. It is the last formal night of the cruise. Marie (a professor at U of Fl Medical School), with whom I have shared several breakfasts, will also be there as will a number of others. (Former British Military member x 22 years from South Africa and his wife from Ghana, two couples who I know both from the C&A lounge and Cruise Critic and another lovely couple who sat next to me).

The Table itself is located on the main floor in the center of the dining room. Translates that you are sitting out there in the middle where everyone can look at see you.

We will skip the food – it was beautifully presented but no tastier than anything on the regular menu. Too much salt and grease on the vegetables and the fish was extremely dry. I was not the only person at the table who just sort of cut things up and pushed them around. The company was fine – and I have a picture which I might just scan and post.

Otherwise – a day at sea = fitness center, chat, knitting and thinking about eating!

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