Can’t spell

in either English or German which really should not surprise anyone who has known me for a while. It is the source of many “typos” that spell checkers inflict on the unwary and uncoordinated.

I learned of my latest blunder most politely from Christian whom I met over 15 years ago in Munich while working at the SanAk. I will just quote:

Canceln“ steht im Duden als „schwaches Verb“, offizielles Beispiel: „Der Flug wurde gecancelt“

So there you have it. Not ones to leave such things alone, the official Lets make German Correct League of Supervisors  – understands that it is not possible to remove such common usages from the language. Therefor, dictate how it is to be used and insure that spelling rules are correctly applied. Please note – the illustration is classic as well as to the point ….. The flight was cancelled. This takes it out of the realm of Neue Deutsch and back into the realm of ordinary German.

Unlike Downgeloadet…..

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