I “met” Jenny a significant number of years ago. I can remember trading emails back in the days of the original Knitlist; discussing the challenges of study, profession and craft combined with the raising of small critters. She was in Ft Collins while I was in Heidelberg.

We first physically met in 2006 while she was house sitting in France for one of her colleagues, youngest child in tow. I took Ms Maus and the Mole on the drive along the French/German border and into the countryside of the Alscaes. We spent a lovely weekend taking walks with dogs and looking around the village in which they were living.

Fast forward to today – Jenny and her family have long since returned to home in Australia and relocated from Perth to Canberra a number of years ago. She bailed us out of the airport and we spent a lovely few days with her and her family. James took us to Tidbinbilla, to the War Memorial, The Australian National Musuem (fantastic exhibition of one of the Canning Stock Road) and up to the top of the Telstra Tower. On Wednesday, Jenny took off work to drive us to Bowral, stopping to see both the Big Merino and the Alpaca Centre on our way to the required yarn shop. We stopped at Lake George on the way home.

The last night, we (Maus and I) spent with my cousin Margo. A second cousin (I believe) she landed in Australia almost 20 years ago after a number of years in the UK. I had met her parents in St Louis back in about 1972 and her younger sister in DC prior to 1993. We trucked around, seeing the National Gallery and the National Portrait Musuem.

The pictures come from various points along the way – they will be labelled when I have longer access to the Internet than the 30 minutes that come free on a daily basis.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Glad you’ve broken radio silence…I was beginning to wonder…

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