It was a lovely morning – I went to the post office on Pine Street. On the way over I followed the Bell Captain’s directions. And went up the hill and down the hill and …. (and on the way way I just hiked down Larkin to Sutter and completely skipped the big hill).

Since my time here is limited, I mailed out packages – two to a fellow BookCrosser, yarn (what else?) to the ScrabbleQueen who can just post when it arrives giving her an excuse for her third blog post this year – hats to a couple of friends, and of course hats plus treats to Maus & Co. At this point, my mind is blank which means that there could have been another package there completely slipping the mind.

A nice long walk down 4th after a stop at the hotel to grab the goodie bag for Alison and I managed to arrive at the Cal Train station exactly 2 minutes after the train left. Since the next one was leaving at 1107 with a 1203 arrival in Palo Alto I figured I was ok since we had agreed on a noon meet-up.

(and here I will skip the Alison not having my email address, me not having a stateside phone and needed to find wifi resulting in about a 30 minute scramble till we found each other). After a short debate – we wound up at Tava which was a lovely find. Sort of fast food, but not. You pick your rice, your dish, your sauce, toppings, spice level. Of course there is both Raita and Chutney to tempt the palate. Meat eaters can get chicken and lamb, the rest of us have a variety of choices.

So there we were, tying up a table and chatting for almost three hours. I have this lovely skein of red malbrigo for me, just the right amount for a hat. And I (sneaky woman that I am) managed to gift out a bunch more from my stash which makes me quite happy. Follow the above link to her blog if you want a pix. At this point the duffle bag is almost 1/2 empty having the cruise, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand friends to go.

A ride back to the train station, CalTrain north to SF. A stop at Macy’s and I was back at the hotel in plenty of time to miss happy hour. Morning I am off to Chicago.

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