Cal Train & Palo Alto

Board meetings in Palo Alto meant me catching a ride with George and a chance to have lunch with Alison. Meeting again in what I think is her favorite coffee shop where they serve wonderful quiche and hot chocolate we had a chance to chat, knit and relax.

The guys had driven back to the city earlier so I took Cal Train along the corridor to the 4th Street Station. For $6.25 I figured it was a pretty good deal that only would have worked out better if the trains had been more frequent than once an hour. Not being someone who is going to chance being on the train without a ticket, by the time the machine spit out mine the doors were closed and it was pulling away.

Did I mention yarn, needles and audiobook? Obviously it was not hard to keep occupied while waiting for the train. By the time the guys figured out that I was going to be a whole lot later getting in than they thought it was too late for me to change to BART and meet them on the sensible side of the Bay.

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