Caerphilly Castle

We drove to Cardiff to buy some used car seats. I mean seats for the van, lest you be confused that I am looking to fasten small monsters inside my vehicle.

I am sure that I have mentioned a couple of times that some evil robbery ring ripped us off (for the second time), only missing one seat which happened to be in the garage that evening. Since April of last year, I have been limping along on two passenger seats + the driver. This does not work if you have three teens in country and need to get somewhere.

The first time this happened, they managed to get three seats as well. We have a considerable deductible on our van. The cost, including tax, was 2100 Euro before the deductible and took a month to get the seats. This time, I decided to be smarter. Used seats have to be cleaned up a bit. But the cost of 4 seats (head rests, working seatbelts and all) was less than the deductible by $150. I figure that I am ahead.

Can I buy yarn with the money saved? Or is it obligated for the car? In fact, I might have pre-spent it on getting the MOTesting. But I really don’t think that counts, since I had to do it anyway.

The car itself doesn’t get a vote. The kids want car seat covers since the new seats are not a colour match for the old.

By 1100 – we were loaded up on seats and looking for something to see.

It just happened that the Ruby Match between Wales and Scotland was being being held in Cardiff. Driving in to see the Cardiff Castle became a non-starter.

But Caerphilly – now that Castle is wonderful!


Surrounded by water, its origins go back to the 13th Century. It has everything you would want: towers, courtyards, guard walks.



Renovations started in the 1800s, but really were undertaken seriously starting around 1930.


Did I mention that the Sponge Monkeys were along?


But actually only two of the three since the third one passed on the trip to attend a wedding reception in London. So I only had the opportunity to capture two of the three with the camera.

And then we headed home, away from the Castle, from Wales back to England.



Finished – the Purple Pair!

Audio Books

Finished up the Marcia Muller in the car. Once home, per vote of the youngest – we went back to watching Medium while Noah thought SciFi was a better deal.


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2 Responses to Caerphilly Castle

  1. amanda j says:

    That looks like a ‘real’ castle! And all that green grass is so gorgeous and so different from what I see every day.

  2. allena says:

    i love the photos! they are so beautiful.

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