Cadiz – well actually Seville

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed seeing both the site of the ?1929? World’s Fair and the Palace in Seville. It is just that I really don’t like sitting on a bus for two hours. I am Army, not a Marine, but still. Staying close to the landing craft makes a lot of sense. Putting a significant distance between you and your transportation out of the AO doesn’t feel all that appealing.

Completely leaving aside the people on the bus. We are so not going there. Most are wonderful, but there are those who simply are not. I don’t want their sad story. I don’t want to hear their opinions on everything; I already have my own.

Anyway – this post is in two parts simply to make the photographic load lighter.

We traveled along the main route of the World’s Fair seeing the various countries pavilions which are now used for a variety of purposes. The main exhibition center features an open central area, sections which depict each one of the provinces, the four rivers and much other symbolism.

The tile work is amazing.

We walked through part of the city – the old Jewish Quarter has nothing left (Isobel and Ferdinand were quite thorough in their efforts.

The city itself is a combination of architecture ranging from Gothic through Art Deco to modern high rise slab. An exhibit of public transportation photos from the 1950s and 1960s lined one side of the major street car central line area.

Oh, and the ship? The 4 Master belongs to the Chilean Navy.

Once againg – photos in Gallery format.

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