But those are the rules

Change of Command

In the US Army, a commander is normally in charge for two years. Shorter tours are because you get pulled for something high/better (or you have screwed up big time, in which case the change is extremely quiet and without much ceremony).

Today, the Change of Command was for the European Regional Medical Command. After an awards ceremony at the Community Center, everyone moved over to the gym for the official march around. I have told you about these before.

You have troops in formation.


subordinate Unit flags


The colours


and the passing of the specific unit colours.


And speeches at the end, can not forget the speeches.


Playing by the rules

It took two trips, but I now have my “I can hang out in Germany sticker” in my passport. All of this was supposed to happen last week, but I got wrapped up in some other out-processing and didn’t get it done.

As it turned out, there is no way that this particular agency would have let my daughter do it for me (original plan). Husband yes, but not daughter. Got there promptly this morning to find out that my file was not with the guy who did everything last week, but down the hall with the person who does the Letter D.

Checking my file, she wanted an updated proof of health insurance, claiming that there was nothing in the file. And, since my DH’s file did not state that I was covered by him, I had to go get new paper. (They did assume that he was covering the kids).

Returning in the afternoon (meanwhile finally locating my ID card under a pile of wool on the coffee table), there was a new woman working. We found last year’s proof of insurance right there where it should be. But she was happy with my new letter as it listed the whole family. While I was at it, I provided her with a mid-month LES to prove that I had income.

Finished and back on post by 1500, I was ready to call the day a success.

Viking Ship Sweater

If you are on Ravelry – AnninOttowa has knit this jacket in blue/white. She also found that the pattern can be found in one of the Sandnes Collections (apparently it is #11 in the Knits from Norway). Her sweater is spectacular. I might be the only one with it currently in progress, but I expect that to change.

Audio Books

Finished up Double Shot (Davidson) and need to figure out what is next, especially with two plane flights this weekend, followed by the drive to the UK on Monday. I had left most of my remaining audio books in Camberley on the last trip. Might turn out to have been a not bright decision.


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