Brunch and Lunch

Since our flight times were close enough (1200 and 11255), we planned on all going to the airport on one run (rental car might actually pay itself off on this one).

The scheduled brunch was 0930 which meant that we had breakfast early. Something about not being able to manage on-line check in for my DH who had the earliest flight. I went on line early to check for me and the three teens. Once again the airline had taken my nice seating plan and changed it to four seats in a row in the back. I re-seated us toward the front of the plane, and not all together, thank you very much.

We are headed back through Detroit and should arrive in Frankfurt right before 0800 in the morning.


Kippahs are on the agenda, I still have left over sock yarn. I am not knitting socks. I am bored with socks for a couple of days.


On to Star Surgeon (circa 1959) by Alan E. Nourse and The Onion Files should the batteries hold out.


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