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Breakfast with the VEEP — 14 Comments

  1. The President and First Lady are coming to Tucson tomorrow… this would be a great move in a “can you top this ?” game if he wasn’t coming here for such a sad reason. This last few days has felt like a war zone… so sad.

    I started this post at 11:11 on 1-11-11.

    Won’t be able to say that again … J

    Thinking of you…

  2. Nice photograph ma-am! (Did I tell you that I caught a glimpse of you on the news when the President was there – but only because I knew where to look!)

    Wish we could find a way to send you some of the excess water in Queensland and NSW right now. (I think that lack of water is always going to cause places like that to be economic failures – but perhaps I am too pessimistic.)

  3. Nice break in the boredom.
    It is important that he was personable and “good”. I met too many Pols while deployed that were all about themselves and were transparently shallow

  4. Liked the story of your morning and it was good to see a photo of you!

    Take great care and pls stay well and safe!!!!

  5. Quit with the “older” already. He has an easier lifestyle, more folks taking care of him medically and otherwise, makes more money, and probably has half or less of the everyday trials and tribulations of uniformed service members. And, yeah, he gets more choice in what to wear on any given day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. When the news of the VP’s visit to Bagram aired this morining, I commented to about whether you might have seen him. Obvioulsly you did.

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