Bournville wasn’t much of anything, just a few houses and such located along Bourn Brook. Then, when a major business relocated here in 1879 from Birmingham, the name was Frenchified, because anything French was cool at the time.

The business was Cadbury’s Chocolate. Walking around there today – it appears to be the town that Cadbury’s built, or owns, or both.

Starting with the train station
Bournville Train Station

And the town with both offices and funded buildings and parks.
Lodge 1Playing Field
In their defence, the Quaker family that started Cadbury’s provided support, medical benefits and time-off, long before it was the norm for business. It might be one factor – besides good products – in why they went from 200+ employees when they relocated to Bournville to the eight thousand UK employees of today.

But as far as Cadbury’s World as a place to visit? I’d save my money. Might be decent for the under 10 crew. It is not as well set up or as interesting as the chocolate factory near Hamburg that we visited a number of years ago with Kathy and Hans.

There was actually minimal learning, heavily sweetened with self-promoting information with little for exhibits and few demos.
Store Front

It ended with a ride reminiscent of Its a Small World After All (Disney). I will just share the pictures of Beanville without further comment.
Bean 1BeanvilleMore BeanvilleAnd more garrish coloursNot in my house

In case you are wondering what in the world I was doing – my meeting ended early and I was looking for something to do before catching my train home.

I also saw a little of Birmingham; featuring modern side by side with stately buildings.
Modern BuildingsTraditional Building

There are market halls and coffee shops

Market BuildingsCoffee Shop

And then there is the Bullring.
Bullring Mall building

It is a Mall – complete with high end shops and a Candy Bull
Interior of the Mallthe Candy Bull

Sock Wars III

First, my new knit weapons. STR Silky in Tide Pool for Peety
Socks for Peety

By the time I rolled back into Camberley I was a couple of repeats into the second sock – with only the toe to kirchner on the first sock (after checking on the shape with said victim). There are major size issues with the pattern, and I wanted to make sure these actually might fit her.

685 knitters down and too many to go. Some people are only bothering to quit or declare themselves dead when pressed. Makes it take a lot longer. I think that they just want socks knit for them without doing any knitting themselves.

Sock Wars Obit

Posted by the mentioned Lucille –

This, written by one of my dulcimer students today:
Dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today to mourn, no, to celebrate, the feet of clay, no, I mean the feet of Lucille, who knitted valiantly through the bloody Sock Wars, of which we have heard so much. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they made here: sockssockssockssockssocksssssss……………
OK, enough of that, gang. Let’s go raid her stash before her family gets back to her house from the boneyard! We’re off!!!!!!!!
Yours in sorrow,

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3 Responses to Bournville

  1. Peety says:

    My toes are wiggling with delight at the sight of my death socks. I hope the ones that are approaching you are every bit as nice.

  2. Nina says:

    Hey, now, mommy. Cadbury’s World looks creepy, yet hilarious. I’m sure I could find a bunch of stoners who would find it hard to discern their high from what they’re seeing.

    Love you. Got here safely. About to write you an email as well, just to be sure you get a note.

  3. kv says:

    in other words, save the money for some really great chocolate!

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