bouncing cages

My intention this morning was clean up. Right, like that is going to happen.  Instead, we wound up over at Shana’s where George played with Lev while Noah and I put together a trampoline which now resides in her garage. A very active toddler, Lev is not really happy with the rain, the refusal of all the adults in his life to let him get soaked in every bit of puddle he can find, and the general restrictions of being stuck inside.

My answer? The kid loved bouncing. He has been bouncing on his bed, couch, chairs, and people. Why not a kid designed trampoline. The modern ones even come with sturdy netting up to parental head height and have a zipper door with an outside latch.

Completed in a reasonable amount of time (and yes, two people were really needed) Lev made a test bounce. and Bounce and bounce – non stop for about 30 minutes after which it was food and lights our for a much needed nap.

George & I went to the Cal Women’s basketball game against Stanford which started at 1600. The women just aren’t hitting the baskets (especially free throws) at critical times. Stanford was off. As a result it was a close game especially in the fourth quarter. Stanford pulled it off due to a missed Cal basket and several free throws.

But the Straw Hat band had a decent turnout for the school still being on winter break; augmented of course by almost a dozen alumni.

not much stitching accomplished.

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