The sun is shining while the wind is cold and almost strong enough to knock me off this bench in Boston Common. The city, as it turns out, does have free wifi in parks. The coffee shops all feature one carrier or another. Not being local, AT&T is not in my vocabulary.

The fog rolled in yesterday while we were on shore, making the remainder of our historical walk rather interesting. Seeing wooden houses oveer two hundred years old is quite impressive for the US. The fact that they areer wood means that they are far more liekly to have decent insulation than the brick refridgerator in which I currently reside.

I found the yarn shop at 555 Thames. Nice woman behind the counter but not much exciting in the yarn, book or magazine front.

We wandered through a lovely nautical book and map store, noticed more yacht agents than reaal estate agents. Empty store fronts along most of the streets quietly speak to economic hardship even here.

After 30 minutes of standing in line for a tender back to the ship, we had the experience of motoring along in fog so thick that the ship arose white hull high only visible 20 meters out.

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2 Responses to Boston

  1. Ruth says:

    Isn’t Boston the home of WEBS?

  2. Linda M says:

    Did you think about going to Windsor Button near Boston Common? It has an amazing mix of buttons, patterns, yarn, sewing stuff, and anything else they thought might sell over the years they’ve been open.

    (WEBS is out in western Massachusetts – not do-able on a one-day visit).

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