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Boston, with blue bloods on the ship — 5 Comments

  1. I know you don’t remember me but I’ve been reading your blog and mail for years now. Someday I want to ask you about your passion for cruising but for now I’m just writing to tell you about the road race you witnessed. It was the restaging of the finish of the Boston Marathon for all the runners who were not able to finish the race after the bombing last month. It was a big deal for the participants and very important to the city and the international running community. I used to live in Boston and keep a special place in my heart for the city even though I consider myself a Floridian. And even that identity is complicated by the fact that I work in South Georgia, twenty miles over the border.

    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog and messages and traveling vicariously through your writing. So have fun with this trip and those in your future.

  2. Big Dig finished some time back, Way over budget, and the roads were redone after the nasty roadwork the Big Dig replaced was taken down- the Kennedy Park put in where it would have been “under” the elevated roads is especially nice.

  3. Well done Holly.
    You certainly pass muster with me.
    Hope you warm up there!
    It’s freezing in Budapest as well.
    Returning stateside Wed for a dose of sunshine and then return to freezing Europe foe the duration of “summer”.
    Love as always

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