That’s the thing about flat walls – they grow bookcases.  TPratchett

I have always lived in homes with bookcases; where an empty wall was to be pitied and covered as quickly as possible by yet another variant of wooden architecture designed to hold things. The majority of the things to be held have been paperbacks.

My bookcases have changed over the years. I have gone beyond the college era of brick and board to more permanent structures. In fact, some of those structures might even be composed of good wood or resemble furniture. We have gradually phased out the cheap, knocked together garage style bookshelves in favor of ones that might actually appear to be permanent structures.

Which leads me to the problem of the UK. The lovely woman who helped me with housing here bullied the group into providing us five bookcases. The normal allotment apparently is one per house. One. How in the world could you survive with one bookcase?

But I digress.

They were empty when we started. Now, I just have to figure out how I have managed to accumulate so many books here in the UK that the shelves are now filled.

I really don’t remember bringing along much, except for a few audio books and some DvD collections. But over the time we have been here, well the shelves are getting full.

It might be the audiobooks. I have purchased a fair number of those on sale. Or it might be that I have hit a few knitting book sales. Plus I started knitting a bit of lace. When one has no lace books, well it means that I need some. Right?

One of the teens is currently in Germany. I might just appropriate her bookcase. It would be a shame to have it less than full in a room that will be hosting various vistors. What would they think of me, that I had empty shelves?

Should I share the knitting books? Novels? A variety of listening materials? Perhaps I should move out that pile of books in the hall that is waiting to go Germany. I could move some of the piled up audiobooks from the floor of my room.

But not the library books. Those will remain on my bedside table. The travel books in the living room and the professional related materials in the office area.

I know, I could fill it with lace yarns……..

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