It has been a year. Busy times and not so.

I have knit enough socks, joined too many KALs, SOMs and swaps. Certainly, I have met wonderful people and discovered patterns and ideas I never would have otherwise seen.

Then there have been the travels, Ravelry and shops.

What I have noticed is that my longstanding mailing list to family and friends has suffered as has the maintenance of the family website and my book website. Writing regularly on a blog takes a discipline that I really don’t have. But it does keep a nice record of where I was, what I was doing and occasionally reflections.

But isn’t it really all about the pictures?


This is day #2 of the IDROC (Intro to Disaster Relief Ops Course) at Keogh Barracks put on by the British Military. Today is about the Sphere Project and what it means in terms of principles, standards, beliefs and challenges.

From there we moved on to Med Intel and Log support.

It was interesting to see this from a different point of view.

Shawl-Collared Vest

I have this yarn –
Trendsetter Yarn in blues and greys

which I think wants to become this vest

Originally published in Woolgathering, 1993 it is a “knit in one piece” EZ design. There are supposed to be matching cables in the back. Since I failed to note that in the original directions, I decided to add a it of detail to the back and added the dragon from Lavold’s Viking Knits.

The dragon on the vest back.

I really like the vest, both for the comfortable design and the quickness of the knit. Since this is not bulky weight yarn I have to bit of calculation, but that ought to be ok.

Speaking of Vikings, suppose I really should get back to that colour work sweater!


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