Birthday for more than one

The youngest and our son had birthday’s this week. Since they were at school on the 5th and 6th, we are taking them out for their birthday dinners a day late or so. They also elected to celebrate together so that neither would have to wait an extra day for presents.

One of them was in an extremely good mood, mugging it up for the camera.

The Mole

the other was my photography but was captured by her oldest sister.


We ate at a cafe downtown Heidelberg just off Fredrichs-Eberts-Anlage that has lovely, fresh Italian style food. It is a place where a vegetarian can even get soup, salad and a nice main course.

There was actually some lighting in the place

which looked like this

or better yet with flash
pieces of this and that

Once home, the interplay continued. I think soccer goalie gloves trumps hand knit socks?

the two


Almost a fairy tale tower, the door in this building feels like it should lead some place special. Tallin, Estonia, August 2004.

Talin Tower Door

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