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  1. Happy Birthday, dear friend!

    59 is a very good age.

    We can discuss the theological implications of the Stash at another time…

  2. Gee now I know the rest of the story. I was one of Holly’s underlings back then and never even understood she had cancer. I was unsure (and I’m a doc) if it were her thyroid or parathyroid- she really spared her subordinates, far enough removed not to know as part of their job, the drama of all she went through. (And mentored me through my own/ my new baby’s health drama a few years later). Happy Birthday and I always knew you were wise.

  3. Dearest Holly, Happy 59th, a very good age, sags, wrinkles, grey hair and all!

    Your story is an amazing on. I can hardly imagine the emotional strength it took to live with this knowledge every day for years. You were such a wonderful support for me during my son’s leukemia. That seems to be a theme here in your comments.

    Sending you much love and wishes for great happiness,

  4. Yes, well I did not really mean to bounce up and do that quite do dramatically…I was just so pleased with myself that I actually remembered it was your birthday…being an ancient cat I tend to forget the important things in life. Hang in there – where would I be without your words of wisdom?

  5. Alles gutes zum Geburtstag! And Mazel tov! And Happy Birthday. And….thanks for sharing part of your story with all of us…I, for one, came along way too late to know…

  6. Happy Birthday from me, too.
    I was a little shocked to read what you have gone through, and sure am glad it went to remission and also hope, that there will be many more years (decades?) to go through and do the fun stuff.

  7. Happy birthday, Mama. I wish you all the best and love you. Also, I expect at least another forty years out of you. So there.

  8. Happy belated birthday Hollly. Seems Ira was on Kaffe Klatch back when, but of course, we had no idea. So glad for positive outcomes. Many, many more good years.
    Love, Ann and Ira

  9. Happy Birthday! I had no idea about all you’ve been through. That would make every birthday a very special one, indeed. I’m with you on keeping the sags and wrinkles, not so much on the grey hair. Mine gets covered up. 😉

  10. I always always always marvel at you. I think you are one of the most amazing people I know. I am thinking that you are in some way an embodiment of the deeper meaning of the name Ruth, which stands for a combination of beauty and compassion that are inextricably entertwined, but it isn’t that simple. Quirky, funny, human, earthy, *smart*, talented, and then that wisdom that others have mentioned already. How on earth did I get lucky enough to have you as a friend? Blessings!

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