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  1. I was TDY years ago to Germany and told a kid traveling with me that it was a water fountain…I was so mean

  2. I heard of them in ’75 when I went with my father on his sabbatical to Warsaw. While there we visited my/ my mom’s rels in Sweden. Roaming around Stockholm’s shopping district we saw a clutch of German tourists laughing at a bidet in a window display. (I don’t recall the bidet, though he explained what it was to me/us when he later told the story to family.) So when Ron and I had one in a new build in Brandoberndorf near Butzbach I was content and toddler Cecilia bathed her dolls in it. We rarely felt it was good for bathing rather than a full shower and more often used it for our feet. But fun to show US visitors.

  3. As the owner of not one but two bidets, I can testify to their utility for washing one’s feet! There are also a few movie clips on Youtube on how to use a bidet (properly!). No – I haven’t viewed them, I just know they are there.

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