None of us were really clear this morning why our anchor point was so far out that the shore was barely visible through the haze.

I mean, this is usually a tender port, but 30 minutes ride seemed a bit much. Of course, since the distances between these particular island stops is so short that departure times are more selected for cost and safety than they are for travel time. Ok, to put it really easily – docking/port/tender contracts are normally by the hour. It may not be worth the cost to the cruise line for an additional 1-2 hours if not that many are going to stay on shore (especially after dark) since there is a limited amount that can be earned after dark from ship organized activities in Caribbean ports. I am leaving out anything that is not totally and completely legal.

Anyway. I lazed around the ship till the worst of the crowds cleared, then happily rode in and walked through part of the old colonial area before ending up once again at the Radisson Hotel. There was no one in the business center this time. A kind clerk at the desk when I inquired just smiled and logged me in to the wifi.

So there I am in paradise sitting in a nice A/C lobby and trying to manage getting to and from a couple of conferences later in May as well as sending various emails out to family members in hopes of an answer.

When the battery died – I headed back to the ship once again managing to spend hours on shore with nice people and absolutely no souvenirs!

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