Been here before

This is the first port for this cruise – the lovely tourist trap of St Maarten. It is the wonderful French/Dutch shared island that has fared so much better over the years than the other more infamous Dominican Republic/Haiti combination.

The ships always dock on the Phillipsburg side of the island where there are more people getting off ships on any particular day than there are residents of the whole region.

Besides the NCL Epic – also in port today are
1) MSC Posia who is bound for the Mediterranean. Last minute bargains on this ship included balcony rooms for under $400/person.
2) Club Med 2 – tiny in comparison to the be moths
3) Adventure of the Sea
4) Celebrity Reflection

bringing the total number in port to a cast literally of thousands most of whom have absolutely no idea where they are going.

My plan for today is simple – hit the drug store for lotion, hair conditioner and a hair brush (remember that locked suitcase?) and then get on the internet at one of the cafe’s. Considering that you are reading this, I obviously succeeded. In fact I am relaxed with my ice tea sitting at Pirates in Paradise where $3 gets me till my battery dies on the laptop!

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