Ok, you might have asked for pictures. Afraid I do not have all that many.

Anita had to make the run from here in Camberley for a meeting. Given that it was at a government location, obviously it was not exactly center city. A bit out of town and up the hill to be blunt.

And then of course, there was the slight issue of my not having a UK passport. Having left my JFG ID back at the house, I got to sit in reception for a few hours. She felt bad. I was fine. iPod and knitting.

In fact, I had decided to sample for a project thinking that what I have on the needles was too likely to have a stitch dropped.

After her appointment we drove through part of the city, leaving the car in a two hour zone above Victoria Park.  Over all, I find Georgian architecture less than exciting, but here and there you can find such intriguing little details.

Of course, there is the history of coming to Bath for medical reasons. And then, as we were leaving, we spotted the sign posted outside the gate of one of the parks. Now, please tell me – if you are locked inside, how are you going to read the sign that tells you who to call for escape?

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  1. The cat says:

    Georgian architecture is rather austere isn’t it? Gardens which have survived tend to be the same.

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