On vacation for three days. It is the annual business outing of DH’s firm. Last year it was Majorca, this year Barcelona. The sunshine is nice, but we really need to think about doing something other than city tours and late night dinners. Other than one other couple the same age as us, the rest of the crew is a good 20 years younger. Many are starting families and we do need to figure out something that is a bit more family friendly. No one likes to leave babies with strangers, so that means that some of the husbands and wives wind up with child care duties instead of elegant suppers.

Me? I can do without the elegant suppers…..

Ms Copper (rapidly returning to her original Ms Blond) is the only one of our offspring who was on school vacation and joined us. The one Finnish member of the group has a daughter the same age, the two of them suffering the rest of the younger set this evening.

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2 Responses to Barcelona

  1. Melinda says:

    You sure do travel a lot! Is there anywhere you haven’t been?

  2. Carmen says:

    Does that photo of the bead shop mean you have all you need now?
    Thanks for the photos, especially of the Gaudi gate.

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