Bar Harbor

Since it is another day of going ashore by tender, of course the temperature has dropped, the wind is up and it looks like rain inbound.

Bar Harbor is a lovely town, especially a couple blocks back from the main drag sitting in The Morning Glory Coffee Shop. Free Internet is a concept here and I should be good till the battery runs down on my MAC.

I skipped a bus ride out to Acadia National Park in favor of spending time in town. It seems, however, that Monday is not terribly popular with the shopkeepers. Most seem to be restocking or relaxing after the weekend invasion of Boston visitors. I should really not be surprised, but the scrapbooking, fiber and yarn stores will be sadly missed.

Since I have a decent connection here, I am going to try and start posting some of the pictures from earlier in the journey. (look under images)

(and I decided not to rent a car and drive to Webs. I have to get home from Dover on the train. I have lots of yarn with me. Avoiding both Buttons and Yarns seemed like the smarter thing to do…..)

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