Bali -Benoa

Unfortunately my reaction is very close to Jamaica or Thailand. There might be a pretty front put on for the tourists, but ten meters from the port reality takes hold. Here reality is in the form of hordes of young men with vehicles in various sizes, shapes and stages of repair. Some can only be thought do as holding together with the not so proverbial string, spit and bailing wire. Ducktape could do a lot here.

I walked out of the port area which is not remotely near any of the tourist areas being accosted all,the while by the young men anxious for a days employment. I know better, but U was almost ready to hire one just to keep e others away. Making a hike in the local area, I was impressed by the motor bikes, shrines, heavy locks on doors and the burn barrels at the end of each and every drive. The smell is better not described.

Sensibility being the better part of valour, I figure as long as the free wifi holds out in the terminal, I can gets email done and files downloaded. After that I will leave the Biggs and poverty for the ship. Postcards just might not happen today.

Now, before I got here everyone was talking about how lovely and cheap it was in Bali. That should have given me a large hint right there. Cheap for westerners means extremely low waged locally and families always scrabbling to eek out a living; leaving me no question at all as to why everyone wants hard currency and also why I would be an idiot to use the local ATMs. I will update later with photos if I remembered the cable today.

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  1. Bev Tilson says:

    I loved your comments on Bali ,it’s not a place I would like to visit although many from NZ & Aussie just love the place.Only alittle over 3 weeks now till we catch up with each other

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