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  1. Your blog remarks are always interesting and usually hilarious. Thanks for keeping this going, and thanks again for helping make my vacation awesome; couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. well, the rich people watching will have to make do in place of the puffins. sounds like the fauna is pretty fascinating however. You should come up with latin sounding names for the various species.

  3. Since you seem to be cruising with a large number of people who consider themselves superior to retired senior military officers, please remember that you do have a slight putdown speech (although warn you friends before you use it if possible.)

    “I really think that the house in California (substitute Bay Area or Berkeley as appropriate) has weather that is a little warm in the summer. Since my husband spends more of his time in his Swiss office rather than his Geman office and the kids are gone, there is little left to do in the house in Heidelberg in the summer except to make sure the elevator maintenance is current.”

    I’m sure that you are able to modify this paragraph to put a little twist of the knife into the socially pretentious. The truth that the unpretentious live with is often beyond the aspirations of the pretentious.


  4. Thank you so much for the link to the Acadia Birding Festival, I want to go next year!! The dates are even right for me for once…. Amazing.

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