bad food choices

It wasn’t that I was being deliberately stupid or anything. I thought I was making reasonable choices; they just didn’t turn out to be.

Let me explain:
I managed to get to the Airport Hilton without problems. We decided to eat breakfast at the hotel prior to driving to Palo Alto. The guys went with the buffet. Me? I decided to get the waffles. They were supposed to come with whipped cream and fresh berries. The berries were wonderful, the whipped cream wasn’t there. The waffles themselves tasted funny on the first bite, and bitter/bad on the second. Not getting charged for them didn’t make up for the fact that my morning calories would up coming from sugar and cream added to my coffee.

Guys did their meeting – I did my thing (involving knitting needles and iPod) for the duration of the morning. We decided to stop at the Stanford Mall (really upscale, that place) because the guys wanted to look around. Besides, it was lunch time. We looked at toys: Nike Store, Brookstone, Apple. Then someone had the bright idea of having lunch at the Stanford Creamery. Diner type place. Mr Oblivion talked about their wonderful milkshakes. The other guy (who has been increasing his exercise, decreasing his food and proud of his weight loss + increased fitness) and I just shake our heads. It is more than a 30 minutes wait. And for what? Essentially nothing that is healthy on the menu so I give up and go for the “tomato with fresh basil soup.”

It is cream of tomato with some shreds of green. I can hardly taste the tomato for the cream. There are packaged crackers for my soup.

I give up – this is the second time today that I have attempted to order something off the menu and it has turned out to be a bust.

The guys are headed to Vancouver this evening and I am staying at La Quinta near the airport. You know what? There is a Denny’s right next door. It is nice, it is clean and I know exactly what is on the menu – you even get exactly what you order.

Guess where I am having dinner?

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