Back to Bagram

yes, over the next couple of days I will make an attempt to explain what I am doing. Or supposed to be doing. Or others think I am doing (grin). One of the people with whom I work has said she will let me use her computer to upload a photo or three….

meanwhile –
Flying with the Air Force on a C-130 has no relation to flying with a commercial airline. Trust me on this. The commercial airlines may run you through some hoops, but the flights normally leave on time, the number of seats is a known quantity, and you can wear (within reasonable limits) what you want on the plane.

The three flights yesterday back were all either canceled or changed from passenger to cargo flights. At least this information was known by 1500 so I didn’t have to show up for all three show times.

Instead I toodled around on post, attending services at the CMC and hit the rack early.

But where was I? Oh, the Air Force. Show time 0545. This time there were actually enough seats for everyone. Flight of course leaving three hours give or take from the show time and baggage palletization. The only difference between flying at night and during the morning is that you might just be able to see the mountains out of one of the few porthole shaped windows.

We, the nice big target, fly through the mountains. This is not commercial airlines at 35,000 ft, this is up valleys with mountains still capped by snow. Take offs and landings are regulated by whatever defensive decisions have been made in order to make the smallest profile target for the least amount of time. Did I mention that our plateau is Denver high above sea level?

And then there is the wonderful security at Kandahar. For whatever reason, we run every thing through a metal detector.

Yes, a metal detector. Weapons, IBA, Kevlar, ammo, Gerbers, all on the conveyor belt. Cell phones and iPods are ignored. I have a feeling that some idiot or other either brought grenades or a rocket launcher to the party at some point…..

Then, you get to wear your IBA on the flight while maintaining a grip on your kevlar, weapon and whatever back pack you have managed to keep out of the hands of the load master.

Good challenge and all of that – I am glad to be back.

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  1. Cat says:

    Cell phones and i-pods are regarded as safe???????????

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