Back in Kandahar

I had every intention of writing a long and entertaining note about being up in the middle of the night, getting out of Bagram to Kandahar and the fun there of.

But here I am at Kandahar at the MWR and the world’s slowest network. If I had energy, I would walk down to the USO and use their computers. Instead, I will just say that I am safe and sound, with yet another 03xx show time in the morning when we are headed to T-K.

Billing tonight is in the VIP section of the womens RSOI tent (20 people room at the side of a fest tent size operation).

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2 Responses to Back in Kandahar

  1. Carmen says:

    Good grief. Be safe, and I hope you get some sleep.

  2. Sonja says:

    einen lieben Gruss aus Heidelberg. Es ist immer sehr schoen diese tollen E-mails zu lesen. Deutsches Brot in Afganistan, toll. Hoffentlich ist es ein guter Baecker? Gestern hatten wir einen Feiertag, nur 4 Tage diese Woche, schoen.
    Ihnen und all denen in der Ferne einen schoenen Tag und eine gute, hoffentlich friedliche Woche.

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