Back home

I thought long and hard about it, then decided to do the Mole a favor and not show you a picture of his room. Or the kitchen. I do not think he would be able to maintain a sense of humor.

Mine was sorely strained.

He was not here when I got home last night, having headed back to school early. The thought of studying all of today with a group and getting some assistance on his chemistry was an excellent idea. The part about leaving a mess, the back door open for the dog (not warm here folks) and an over flowing food dish I did not find particularly appealing.

Besides the dog, I had mail come in while I was gone. A few bills (ick) and a box or so of books.

Making myself a nice thermos of tea, I read and kept stumbling over the dog who was thrilled to have me home. Really, I did nothing useful all day.

Well, except for cleaning up the kitchen, taking out the trash, closing the door and desperately searching for my old laptop.

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