Baby pods

Have I mentioned that the Eldest makes her living as a professional photographer? This obviously means babies, babies and more babies.

I have been promising her practically forever that I would make some of those cute fruit caps (Fiber Trends) from one of the older patterns with multiple sizes and choices. Then we found this pattern at Bernat – for a baby pod. (if you can’t see it – go to Bernat and search for Baby-Strawberry Cocoon.

Unfortunately for me (and my hands) the base stitch is trinity stitch which falls into my boring, painful and slow categories meaning I would much rather be knitting garter stitch any day.

trinity stitch

trinity stitch

Fortunately, I can do basic arithmetic. Substituting yarn and recalculating the gauge has spared me a few stitches and a lot of rows. This is one time that Red Heart meets the need. I am making three of them – a yellow followed by one in pink and one in blue. They are going to have to be laundered after each time they are used to make sure that there is no chance of transferring any kind of infection between infants/babies.

I managed to start and get through the first half today.

half done

half done

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  1. Ruth says:

    Aha! I found the post I missed. Now I know why you’re making pods. I love the hat pattern…so far I’ve only made pumpkins with it….

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