in Mexico – Porto Vallerto as a matter of fact.

The Internet on the ship has been down since before Guatemala – apparently the contract service is notoriously bad in this part of the world. The fact that RCI is changing carriers as of 2 Nov doesn’t really help me at all.

Rather than do a tour today I decided just to relax, do email and other wise hang out.

There are two ships in harbor – ours and one of HALs (and probably worth noting that the HAL ship has not had an email problem).

The past two sea days have been lovely: I knit, talked to people, hit the gym and was invited to dinner at the Captain’s Table. Go figure.

Tonight being an “even day” I will be back in the buffet for sushi rather than head to dress up and mini-lobsters. I might just go take a picture of the group, but that would be something completely else.

So – yes, I am alive, not taking much for pictures today and busy downloading files from Audible.

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