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It didn’t happen

Any of the errands I had planned – in fact – none of the errands on the schedule. In fact, none of them happened. I didn’t go to ADAC to get my driver’s license replaced. I didn’t drive to Kleber Caserne to … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

We had barely taken off yesterday when the line of men headed for the toilets started. Unlike on a weekend, business class was over 60% obvious middle aged men on their way to/from important meetings. The rest of the seats … Continue reading

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Just like Fenton –

I’m baaaaaccckk*. No surprise – I am sitting in the United Lounge at SFO since Lufthansa doesn’t have their own lounge. United being the bragging but cheaper member of Star Alliance they grace their lounge with a couple of vegetarian … Continue reading

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Vintage Cruise Poster

This is the puzzle that has been hanging out in the puzzle keeper since I was here in June. A vintage poster from the days when sailing across the ocean was either necessity or luxury and unlikely anything in the … Continue reading

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41 Million. Why?

This at is the figure that the shuttle driver provided during the extremely short ride from where I was staying over to the Mall. Which Mall – that of America of course. After all, I flew into the MPLS-St Paul … Continue reading

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Sailing into New York

Except for the Teardrop, before 0600   After watching from my balcony a short while, I made the hike up to Deck 12 and an unobstructed view. Having been to NYC a few times, I could actually recognize landmarks from … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake

Map – land and water – check. Route? – check…. I tried turning it “right side up” so that you could read the “Transatlantic Crossing” better but it looked really weird due to the edging on the sides. This is … Continue reading

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Walk up the hill away from the harbour next to the Atlantic Superstore. Not far, just a parallel street or two and you are out of the tourist area and into the real city. There are painted ladies reminiscent of … Continue reading

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White, white

As far as the eye can see. We have been inured in fog for several days now. At a time when there is massive magnetic storm activity and the solar winds are blowing and dancing, elsewhere in Northern Latitudes there have … Continue reading

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11 September – fourteen years on

You can’t make anyone see reason. All you can do is throw a big party around reason and see who shows up. Its been fourteen years since the world as the US knew it literally exploded in its face in … Continue reading

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37 years

since I walked to the front of our local synagogue chapel with this shaggy haired bearded guy with us both looking probably like refugees from an early decade. I did forgo flowers for my hair and I wasn’t carrying any … Continue reading

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Got Socks

Yes, I do know how to knit socks. And have over the years. In fact, in 2007 there was the 52 pr sock challenge right about the time that most of us moved from the Knitlist to Ravelry. Then it … Continue reading

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You have met Jelly before. Last Spring Cheré and I found him on the New Orleans to Boston leg of Serenade’s repositioning. He survived hooked to the balcony for that and the following cruise. This time, partly because of the … Continue reading

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Where the Elk stood squarely on four feet next to the ship. Same beast as last time. Same platform with rollers underneath. My head was clear – the skies were not. We walked into town past some of the normal … Continue reading

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