Aussie Dudes

Yani, Miriam and Ilya

For years I corresponded with Cat before meeting her and her sister’s family when Maus and I went to Australia in Aug 2010. We had a great time in Adelaide visiting prior to heading back to Melbourne for AussieCon. Cat’s two nephews besides attending fairly serious Uni courses also play music and race (both of which have taken a back burner to studies for the last couple of years).

After arriving on two separate flights Monday and taking care of a number of errands yesterday they are going to be out and about the city today before heading to their next destination. Thought that it might be nice to post a pix for Cat, Helen (their mom) and anyone else who might be interested.

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  1. Cat says:

    Their grandfather has just viewed this too – and says he hopes they are not fighting over the good looking blonde in the middle!

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