Attention Span

of a gnat sometimes.

I am back at work and perhaps today will be able to stay awake long enough to make it worth being here.

A pile of business cards is sitting on my desk; my notebook is open along side the computer. A long list of tasks is staring me in the face. I start the first and hit a distraction which leads me to research a question which takes me down another hole.

Since this one is not going well, I try something else.

The whole morning goes like this with the knowledge in the back of my mind that I have left not only the teens but my husband unsupervised at the house. I think I forgot to mention that he arrived yesterday.


Heartland Shawl – just needing to be blocked. Knit of Silky STR from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Heartland Shawl - Evelyn Clark Pattern

Heartland Shawl - Evelyn Clark Pattern

Knit on my knit-picks circs (3.5 mm?) with only 3 meters left at the end.

Actually, not at all sure why I am on this shawl kick. Ms Blonde (currently back to her original hair colour) is happy for any that I will make her and it is turning out to be a great way to use up a skein of sock yarn. Seems to be taking me less time that the other option of socks.

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