At Sea – somewhere in the Atlantic

I am afraid that it is not likely this is a live post. After all, at the price they want to charge, I am not going to be on the Internet.

Our day is fairly simple – I get up early in the morning while The Mole sleeps in. Starting today, I am going to the gym at 0700 (which is when it opens) hoping to miss the worst of the crowds.

After breakfast, there is plenty of time to find a comfortable deck chair or, should the wind be blowing too badly, a lounger in which to sit, knit, and listen to music and books for the duration of the day.

Mid-day, avoiding the heavy lunch, there is the buffet to be followed by a stint in the hot tub. If I still have eyes left after that (I, like most of the rest of the people on this ship, do not look particularly glamorous in a swim suit) there is more knitting, napping and conversation to be had.

Our dinner companions all hail from the UK. Three couples ranging from my age up into their late seventies are at our table. One pair are on their first cruise, the other four have been at it for a while.

The evening entertainment has been varied. I am going to run up the ISO setting on my camera and see if I can actually get decent photos. The Mole is hanging with some of the cruise staff as there are few anywhere near his age on the ship.

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3 Responses to At Sea – somewhere in the Atlantic

  1. Cat says:

    Is the Mole enjoying himself despite that? We can swap places if he is not… 🙂

  2. nana says:

    Poor Mole, is he a people person and missing out that part, or does he feel contempt on the contacts he has?

    I would swap any time with him, too.
    Not needing that much “people time” so it would be perfect.

  3. Carmen says:

    Being out of touch for so long would be a big drawback for me. That is already an issue for ‘on-land’ vacations where there is internet and phone service. That either makes me a home-body or a control freak. Both maybe.

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