Art on Crystal

Or lack there of.

It came to me this afternoon as I was walking down the halls that there was something lacking in the decoration scheme. Subdued carpeting, creamy walls and the occasional mirror. But there is no art on the walls in the cabin areas. None, not one item, nada.

Now admittedly you have heard me complain about Royal’s tendency to go overboard and the left over Hawaiian theme reflected on all the walls of the NCL Jade. But they at least have color and life. Here in the cabin I have two numbered prints. One is 75/150 and the other 145/150. It makes me wonder if the others of the series are somewhere else on the ship since it would have been so much easier to order, lets say – 100 of this and 45 of that – than to make hundreds of decisions.

Fascinated, I started to look at the whole ship. There are a few, again numbered, prints on the walls in three of the lounges. Understated, serious, art-like things and one abstract mid size next to the elevators on 5/6. But other than that – the ship is as pristine and art free as when she went into service in 1995.

The passengers don’t decorate doors either.

Now, I might think that some of the self-decorated cabin doors that I see on Celebrity, RCCL and NCL are a bit over the top, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to want to do something that helps make you feel like an individual on a cruise. (that and it makes it much easier to find your own door in the long line up of identical staterooms stretching into infinity or 100 meters, which ever comes first.

But there are no birthday signs, anniversary signs; not even simple “leave me a note” set ups. Since the push button phones are old enough not to have a digit display, it is not like you are even going to know who you are calling or they can figure out where you are staying by enough random dialing.

Since there are Australians, New Yorkers, Floridians, on this cruise, I know that there might be a possibility of individualism or flamboyance out there, but I haven’t seen it. What I have had is several compliments from people walking down the hall who said they appreciated my holly fastened to the door clip since it helped them orient on the way to their cabins.

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