Arrived in Barcelona

It is 0600 in the morning and the sun is not yet up. The Mariner has just docked while I have $10 left on my free internet credit (which might just explain this short note).

I signed up for the transport to the airport (rather than do it the extremely cheap way involving dragging my suitcases up Las Ramblas) so that I can arrive to the Lufthansa lounge and relax rather than be sweaty, crabby and jostled by the bus.

This transatlantic has been a good time: I have met some fascinating new people as well as become better friends with some I have now cruised with almost as often as with my DH.

Since the girls headed back to NYC – I have knit 7 hats, six scarves, a shawl and a couple of objects which have yet to be named. ¬†Pix will be posted as soon as I get home – or more likely tomorrow since I won’t make it home till late tonight.

Thanks for reading!

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