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  1. Isn’t that the route you were just on??? Why don’t you just get a job as a ship’s doc?
    You have read the internet story about the woman who retired onto a cruise ship because it was cheaper than a retirement home? Are you next?
    Say hi to Shana for me,

  2. Hmmm- the graphic didn’t show up, but I get the idea. I’ll second the motion about the non-Italian Captain- Brad has been quoting Churchill after he lost the
    Prime Minister-ship after WWII. While on a cruise he was asked why he was on an Italian ship, and responded that the food and wine were excellent, the
    service superb and in case of emergency, there was none of that c*** about women and children first.

    The computer doesn’t like my Latin spelling, but “the thing speaks for itself.”

    Fair winds and following seas- I don’t know what following seas are but that sailors say it’s a very good thing…. I”ll send birthday greetings now.

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