Argostoli, Greece



Like yesterday, the town is oriented along the harbor with the main streets running parallel to the water. Beyond that, the two could not be more of a contrast. Perhaps it is the presence of the Maritime Academy, or maybe being off the main land and a tourist destination there is more money here. There is a definite quiet feeling of wealth as I walked along several streets away from the shore walk. There are late model, well maintained automobiles lining the residential areas. The houses and buildings are freshly painted, appear much more modern and looked well maintained. The sidewalk blocks are unbroken, fitted smoothly and match the unbroken pavement of the roads.

For 2.40€ I purchased two used English language paperbacks at a small, neat and completely free of tobacco smell stationary store which also featured a significant amount of Playmobil.

Toys, books, used books -oh yes, paper and pens

Toys, books, used books -oh yes, paper and pens

For the next hour or so I wandered along one of the pedestrian zones, bought a couple of postcards and hunted unsuccessfully for a pair of replacement running tights. Not feeling up to museums – I walked back along the shore promenade past the ship, a couple of beaches and out to a promontory. Seeing a sign for the St Theodore’s Lighthouse, my new direction was established.

It was a pleasant walk, warm, sunny and enough of a breeze that I am sure I could have acquired a bit of a burn had I been so inclined. I passed Steven’s Mill (1835) along the way

having to do with underwater ravines causing the wheel to turn on the shore line

having to do with underwater ravines causing the wheel to turn on the shore line

and turned around at the Lighthouse.

St Theodore Lighthouse

St Theodore Lighthouse

My Fitbit Watch (Surge) seems to think I accomplished about 13000 steps today.


What I do know is that it wasn’t me jogging down the pier at 1729 as the crew was starting to haul in the gangway.

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