Apples and Honey

Erev Rosh Hashanah.

Family scattered across three countries.

Two teens and I have dinner planned. One of the women with whom I work is also on her own. The four of us will have a nice dinner complete with candles and blessings. I started the meal in the slow cooker this morning, Ms Copper made a honey run to Tescos and grabbed salad as well while the Mole knocked out his French home work. Beverly brought her home-made white wine, a pepper and the apple.

This is my first attempt at Challah like bread in the machine.

Not too fancy, but a little better than jeans or uniforms, we gathered around the table for salad, Cacciatore, rice, vegetables, bread, with pie for desert.

Tomorrow when the teens are home from school, we will get together again at the local pond where it exits for a short Tashlich Service.

L’shona tovah

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2 Responses to Apples and Honey

  1. Ruth says:

    I understand the hardship of family not near for the holidays. Enjoy the time with those you have near.
    Shana tova umetukah.

  2. ruth says:

    Shanah tovah to you and yours.

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