Anticipation – Hugos

Sunday night is the traditional Hugo Awards night.

This year I really thought about it, then didn’t go. Yesterday and today I spent running various Kaffee Klatsches in rooms just about as far from the sign up table as it was possible to get. In rooms where there was no coffee. Facing crowds of people who kept giving me this blank look when I asked if they were signed up.

I am not stupid, I was sitting there yesterday, I know that I told them when and how to sign up. Sheesh! I am sure that it would occur to most people that many authors are popular. Popular enough that lots want to sit down and chat. That is why we run sign-ups and only let the first 10 on the list into the room.

Anyway, being the door dragon lets me see a lot of different authors without being in the way. I do not presume personal relationships with authors because I read their works or have met them before.

If you have not heard of Pat Cadigan (a Cyberpunk original), she is a lovely person. I had a whole long list of others that I was going to reference, but just run out of energy. Much better to have the note up than not.

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