and they play golf

It is a sport which I have never understood – this chasing of a small ball around with sticks by an otherwise reasonable group of people. Rather than enjoy a walk or stroll they stand hunched and grim with club in hand lashing the air multiple times before whacking a divot of turf into the air. The more fortunate hear a crack – and the ball flies through the air in a direction approxiamately that which was intended. A few others see their ball take an indignant little hop, almost wiggling in delight as it comes to rest less than 10 meters from the tee.

Not dumb, theĀ organizerĀ of this travesty had signed everyone up in teams (allegedly seven of them) to play 9 holes on one of the executive course. I guess it translates to 100 meters between holes and a par 3 for each hole. Somewhere between normal golf and mini-golf. I think I much prefer the grinning clowns and windmills – none of the players take any of it with so much seriousness as was seen in this group.

I took a few pictures, then went back to relax for the rest of the morning before lunch and before the bus to the airport since we are headed back to Germany this evening.

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