And then there is registering a car….

28 Jan 2008, Monday
Blenheim Cresent

After two looks through the house, I finally found my datebook.

In the date book were my written directions on how to find the motor vehicle registration.

A30-M3-M25-M40 (in the direction of Uxbridge) and get off at ?Ickenham.


I then just sort of drove along trying to find the signs to West Rislip untill suddenly I passed that train station exactly where it was supposed to be. Amazing, the three building base was exactly where the good MSG said is was goign to be as well.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of paperwork that there is involved in registering a car here.

Title (or previous registration)
Insurance papers
ID Card
Drivers License
Inspection Certificate

you get the idea.

Oh, yes, the customs form – don’t forget three copies of the customs form.

And next year the fun will involve going and getting inspected, paying for a tax disk, then driving back out here to do the paperwork all over again.

Now please note, this means that I have completed the paperwork. I have then to get everything in the mail, notify my insurance company of my new license plate number. Get the license plate made and installed on the car while I get a little holder in which to place the tax disk.


This little base is 50 km from where I work. There is nothing else there. Nothing, no other services including the complete absense of a post office.

It is run by the Air Force. They used to be somewhere else, but their base is closing in July. So now they are having the usual fun – all inbound personnel have been turned off. But since there are no official closure orders out there, their main personnel is not willing to curtail the airmen that are left over. Never mind that all of the officers already have orders. Seems like there is a lack of common sense out there.

I managed to even find my way out of the maze and back to the motor way.

It was just late enough to not make it worth going back to the office.

Now, I am just waiting for my new router to show up! I have the one left by Gil, but he forgot to leave me the security code….

Viking Sweater

Pulled it back out last night, and I am now up to the face. this is a good 12″ for those on the English system.

Audio Books

Catherine Coulters – The Maze followed by The Eleveth Hour (now on the last cassette).


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One Response to And then there is registering a car….

  1. ruth says:

    All that paperwork makes med school look easy, doesn’t it? Not that I’ve been to med school. I’m just saying…..

    Do you think you’ll develop a British accent?

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