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  1. Not gonna lie, I’m a little sad Rose didn’t die a miserable death and stay dead. She was the most useless sidekick to have. Ever. The good thing is that the writers couldn’t get away with making Martha stupid because med students, as a rule of thumb, are not stupid.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo! I loved Rose and hated the whole unrequited love Martha thing. Rose might not have been as learned as Martha, but she had a lot more personality and game. I’ve just ordered series 4, but am not hoping for a whole lot since I’m not a huge Catherine Tate fan.

  3. Perhaps I would have tolerated Rose better if I didn’t have to deal with “her” in shops on a regular basis. I found her highly irritating and so self centered that it drove me nuts (and I have a daughter who is 20. She does a good job of relating to people and her first response to anything is not self-pity or paralysis.”

  4. I gave up on the “new” Dr. Who after they canned Christopher Eccleston. I loved him so much that I couldn’t stand to watch after that. And Rose just made me nuts.

  5. Melinda, I simply found Rose intolerably stupid. She was a poorly written character; someone’s misguided vision of someone my age, which is – quite frankly – incredibly insulting. I know a lot of people who are nineteen, twenty and working full-time while going to school, and nowhere near as oblivious or as obnoxious. Some of them are from backgrounds even less affluent than Rose’s and no one ever assumes that by throwing themselves at a much older man, they will aspire to anything. They work hard to get the chance to travel and have adventures.

    Besides, a lot of the Doctor’s companions/assistants had unrequited love for the Doctor. It’s hardly a new concept. Martha was useful, resourceful and quick on her feet. Am I to identify with an ungrateful brat like Rose just because I am young?

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