Amport Shabbas

Saturday morning I awoke in this lovely, cold room that reminded me of uninsulated houses in Minnesota.

I didn’t get much time to feel sorry for myself, since there was a full day planned of programming and religious services, ending with a regimental dinner.

I spent a bit more time outside the house when I needed a break (Orthodox-R-not-me)


since it has been a long time since I have dealt with segregated seating plus a whole raft of new melodies. I did mention gardens, didn’t I?


And then there was the formal dinner, all the uniforms and posed pictures. The good thing about being welded to your own camera is that you appear in very few….



And no, not a picture of me included since I looked like dead officer walking in all of them. Nor are there any pictures of those who closed down the bar somewhere around 0230.


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