American Place Names

Just off Neuherberger Straße in Northern Munich is a cluster of buildings looking suspiciously like US Military stairwell housing.  Set in rows perpendicular to the main street, as you get more distant from the street the rows seem to curve away.  A number of duplex’s line up along the edge of the area while Roosevelt Street bisects  the southern half of the development.

Not surprising, this area was acquired for soldier housing  after WWII. Once built it contained soldiers, NCOs, Officers, and their families till 1968.

As responsibility for Southern Bayern changed over the years, the US moved out and names, some of the names, have been changed. Warner Casern, used by the US was renamed Ernst von Bergmann Kasern, a fitting name for a medical military academy. You remember learning about him, the man who is the acknowdledged founder of proper asepsis and instrument sterilzation in the operatory theater?

Most obvious is the main building on the grounds, especially when viewed from the air. Originally (started in 1933) built for the SS,  only one arm of the Swastika was complete by the end of the war.  (the 24th ID site has an excellent picture of the main building).

All of this lead me to this site.  List of barracks in Munich and all the US military units which had been stationed here.

One thing is puzzling. While the Kasernes all seem to have returned to German names, the American names remain in the former housing areas.

I wonder what the people who now live there think.

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