It is just short of midnight. The DH and I have accomplished an incredible amount today.

    We got train tickets
    went to the bank
    picked up Maus’s official Zeugnis translation
    shopped for a wedding present
    picked up groceries
    bought dog food
    cleaned our room completely

Never mind we didn’t start till early afternoon.

The end result is that we will head to San Francisco in the morning without being really worried about the state of the house. I managed to jam my stuff in a suitcase (covering the variety of business meetings, visiting with friends and cruising along the Alaska straights), find knitting and be almost organized enough to round up a paperback or two.

The cleaning? Well, Ms Soprano is headed back to Germany next week (golden retriever in tow which explains the dog food). Since there are already three people living downstairs in the three available bedrooms we are stuffing her in our room for the couple of weeks we are gone. There is also the small matter of her broken foot and non-weight bearing cast making stairs a real risk.

Now I am trying to get everyone wound down and headed to bed – we have a 0547 train. That means that George might just finish up the kids puzzle that got knocked over ….. and Mole is busy explaining formula 1 race cars, lift and high winds….

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2 Responses to Amazing

  1. Barbara says:

    Are you going on an Alaska cruise?
    Is it your first?
    They are FUN!

  2. Chere says:

    total amaze….

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