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  1. Now honestly Holly if you can still make sane comments on my blog you are doing okay. You mean you are quitting Europe for the States? Retiring? George is retiring? What about the kids?
    I can imagine living in Europe because I have, however briefly, been there. I cannot imagine living in the US. I thought you were contemplating woolly hibernation on a deserted (but not desert) island – 🙂

  2. SF? I’m so jealous! That is really my most favourite city of all time. Are you moving permanently then? Prices in general in SF have always been high, but now would be a good time to buy if you do ultimately want to move there. Honestly, if it weren’t for the contrast in the state’s of the nations from where I am now to the US (it’s a long story and isn’t intended as a slight on the US.), I’d move home and buy too.

  3. I hate moving, I hate house buying. All of it. I’m not much in favor of jet lag, either. 🙂
    Are you planning a permanent move?

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