Says it all.

Met MaryHenry at Waterloo along with another fiber person. By circuitous route we got to Ally-Pally. [this sentence is now superfluous – I have pix!]

I didn’t buy all that much, considering what all was on sale. Now, this exhibition included knitting, craft, sewing, quilting, you name it supplies including all the major sewing machine brands with the latest and greatest  models.

My indulgences: some Wensleydale roving, enough Shetland 2ply lace for a pair of shawls and a Hanne Falkenberg kit for cruise knitting.

Train, couple of Tubes and a couple more trains took me back to Camberley.


The Monkey’s Raincoat – Robert Crais.
And then there is Griffin’s Daughter – by Leslie Ann Moore. again pulled from Podiobooks. If you like straight fantasy of the displaced orphan going off to find her heritage with the usual fight against evil thrown in, you will enjoy the story. It has the added advantage of not including either gratuitous violence/sex, or vampires. Proving once again that it is possible to tell a good tale that is fine for most ages.

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